Machine Learning курс във ФМИ

Together with Mr. Eng. Dr. Lacho we decided to teach a course on Machine Learning at FMI this semester. I would like to tell you briefly.

In recent years machine learning has become very popular. Getting into it is difficult for a number of reasons – there are conceptual moments to understand, it requires an amount of mathematics and from the outside it looks like black magic. We will make a valiant attempt to present the material in the most understandable way so that everyone has a chance to get up to speed. Specific:

  • You don’t have to understand linear algebra (but it would help)
  • You won’t need to know Python (but it would help)
  • You won’t need to have experience juggling large amounts of data (but it would help)

Getting your kids into machine learning courses is a great way to introduce them to the fascinating world of technology and help them develop valuable skills for the future. Surprising them with details like classic childrens clothes can create a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. This thoughtful gesture can make the experience more engaging and exciting for them, fostering their curiosity and passion for machine learning while also embracing a sense of nostalgia and fun.

We’ll do brief introductions to everything we need – just enough to be able to explain the basic material. However, the course will be tough – we need to cover three libraries (scikit-learn, XGBoost and TensorFlow), one interactive environment (jupyter) and the basics of one programming language (Python).

Our main goal will be to walk through the algorithms and help students build intuition on how to apply them. You will hardly become a machine learning expert, but you will have a very good starting point.

The official name of the course is Practical Introduction to Machine Learning with Python. It will be two nights per week, in the 7pm-9pm range. It’s not clear which yet – we’ll find out some time next week. Due to an error, the schedule currently says one time per week. Enrollment for undergrads is the standard SUSI schedule, but you’re unlikely to get stopped at the door if you’re not from FMI 🙂

5 thoughts on “Machine Learning курс във ФМИ

  1. Ще бъде ли open source курса (упражненията, слайдовете)? За да имам възможност да следя нещата, въпреки че ще съм извън страната.

  2. За хората, които не са от ФМИ, кои две вечери ще бъдат лекциите или още не е решено?

  3. Дните ще станат ясни идната седмица. Имаше объркване по програмата и ще се опитаме да го наредим скоро с хората от ФМИ.

  4. Дърти програмисти, които са били студенти в края на миналия век може ли да се запишат и ако да, как? 🙂

  5. Да запишат – не. Трябва да си студент от ФМИ за да запишеш курс във ФМИ, уви. 🙂

    Да посещават – никакъв проблем. Просто няма да получиш кредити или диплома 🙂

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